How do we use our streets?

Working with Labour councillors for Petersfield and Abbey wards, we’ve been delivering a letter asking for views about a new resident parking zone in the York Street area of Petersfield.

You can read the letter here (as a PDF) and the text is below. If you are in the affected area, please let us know your views.

Parked cars

As your Labour councillors we know that parking for residents is a major issue for many, and that if you go out during the day it’s often impossible to find a place to park on your return. Visitors and tradesmen can’t park while commuters are often to be seen cruising around the streets looking for parking, and many of you feel we need to look again at a resident parking scheme. Now that Labour has come to power in the Joint Administration running the County Council, we have been able to raise this, and it is now being considered.

The area which would form the new resident parking zone is to be called the York Zone and would include Occupation Rd and Harvest Row. Currently there is substantial commuter parking in those streets as well as by local people. That space will be released for use by residents of the whole York zone. Views on how best to use our street space have changed a lot since the last consultation on resident parking in 2018/19. In advance of any formal consultation your Labour County and City councillors want to know what you think about how we can use the streets for more than just parking by residents and visitors – things like:

   space for trees     planting beds     cycle racks     bench seating     club cars     electric vehicle (EV) charging    We also want to be more imaginative in how we park. In streets where parking on both sides is problematic or impossible, last time it was proposed to just ban parking completely on one side. However in these places we have asked the traffic engineers to consider marking diagonal bays on the side which might remain for parking. Such bays would allow for many more cars to park than with the usual parking parallel with the kerb, but still leave more space for vehicles to pass than at present.

Under the scheme you could be able to get three permits per household and up to twenty visitor permits, each allowing five one day visits, with free medical, business and tradespeople permits. The cost of implementing the scheme will be met by the Greater Cambridge Partnership who will be developing proposals on behalf of the County Council. The annual cost would probably be around £54 per year. Find out more by searching ‘Resident Parking Schemes’ on the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

Roads in the proposed ‘York Zone’
Ainsworth Street, Court and Place Fairsford Place and Abbey Walk Hooper Street (north of the road closure) Sleaford StreetStone Street Sturton Street (excluding the part already in a scheme) York Street and Terrace (excluding the houses in the gated area) New Street, Occupation Road, Abbey Street and Harvest Way