Six years as a councillor

Katie wins

Six years ago today, I got elected as a Labour City Councillor by 4 votes. I’ve been re-elected twice but 4th May 2018 will always be a special memory.

Since then I have worked with the most amazing group of dedicated socialists. Without a doubt we have achieved more than we might have achieved alone.

We continue to build the most energy efficient Council homes in the country, run the services with care and our finances remain robust even as the decade of Tory austerity continues to grind down local government. We plant more trees and provide more open, green space in our beautiful city.

Yet the future challenges remain daunting.

We have just re-elected all our re-standing councillors. Residents have reaffirmed their choice of a Labour administration for Cambridge City.

I love being a local politician. I value the trust given by residents immensely. I love having a cup of tea with people, or a beer, a walk around or community event, planting trees and trying to protect parks. The small things makes a big difference but working to make those really hard, big, strategic decisions with our communities is part of our responsibility too.

I’ll do everything thing I can for a brighter, clearer future, for all of us, even as we have dark, storm clouds swirling around.