A great result in Cambridge

After all our hard work, the people of Cambridge came through and voted overwhelmingly for Daniel Zeichner as our MP – with a 16% swing and a majority of nearly 13000!

The Trumpington campaign organiser George Owers, who did so much to help me in the County campaign – that seems an age ago but was only last month – wrote this and I wanted to share it with everyone.

‘As you will have all seen, we achieved an amazing, thumping victory yesterday in Cambridge – winning by nearly 13,000 votes, with 51.9% of the vote.
Trumpington played its role: we ran an excellent operation and turned out our vote strongly. My sources from the count tell me that it appears that we actually won in Trumpington yesterday – a pretty astonishing outcome for a ward that used to be easily our weakest in Cambridge.
But this doesn’t come as a huge surprise: the other day we canvassed old Trumpington, wandering up Church Lane and Grantchester Road, and I have to say I was pretty astonished to see 7 or 8 Labour posters to 1 Lib Dem, many of them put up with no prompting from us. We also saw very strong support from the new estates: voters who only recently appeared on the electoral register, whom we had no records on, poured out to vote yesterday: clearly many of them supported us.
Thank you to everyone who has helped in this campaign: everyone, from those who put up a poster, those who delivered leaflets, to those who were out knocking on doors and getting our vote out yesterday, deserves a hearty slap on the back.
We built strongly on Katie’s amazing campaign, which formed an excellent foundation for this general election.