My Pledges to You

I am proud to be a city councillor and the candidate for Petersfield, and I pledge that I will act in accordance with my principles at all time. These include:

Clean campaigning – I like to be positive and make the case formy ideas and policies, rather than just running down the opposition. I will not attack or smear my opponents – but if your other councillors let our area down, I will politely point this out. I will not take credit for things I haven’t done. I won’t lie or be dishonest, and I will work constructively with people from all parties and none, including my fellow non-Labour councillors, to get things done.

Being in touch – I can’t fix every problem in the world. But if you get in touch with me raising an issue, you are owed not only my best efforts to sort out your concerns, but also a decent response. I will answer every email, letter, phone call – and follow up on anything raised in person. I will also report back on how I voted on big decisions and put Trumpington first over party.

Being here all year round – It’s easy to only turn up at election time and forget the rest of the year. But I will be accessible and work hard all year round. I won’t just come to your doorstep in April or May.