Cambridge Half Marathon 2024


On Sunday March 3rd I’ll be running the Cambridge half marathon again, and have been training for a while using an excellent app that whispers encouraging words in my ear to accompany my playlist of fast-paced songs. It’s working so far, but the real test is yet to come.

Katie with Hilary Cox Condron at the start of the 2022 Half Marathon
Katie and Hilary at the start of the 2022 half marathon

I’ve mostly been training in Cambridge, joining the many others on Midsummer Common and Stourbridge Common, but had the occasional session in the Yorkshire Dales, which is significantly hillier and offers a very different challenge. I’m sure my calves will recover..

Katie sets off to run near the Tan Hill Inn

I’m running to support the important local charity Something To Look Forward To which provides positive things for people affected by cancer who are also suffering as a result of loss of income due to their illness. It relies on donations from companies and individuals.

If you’d like to sponsor me and help me reach my goal of £300 then you can do so on the People’s Fundraising website.

Thank you!

Katie off for a Cambridge training run