Let’s get our pavements sorted!

In the last few weeks I’ve been talking to residents on Foster Road, Paget Road, Byron Square, Anstey Way and Monkswell about the shocking state of the pavements locally.

They badly need fixing, yet this area has been consistently ignored by the County Council. When repairs are occasionally made, they are usually shoddy patch up jobs. I’ve raised the need for repairs with the County Council repeatedly, and have got the highways officer to come out to inspect them. This has resulted in some minor repairs being done, as you can see in this photograph, but it’s still not good enough.

Ultimately the reason for this is the enormous cuts made to the roads budget by the County Council, caused in turn by huge government cuts to council funding. The Lib Dems voted through these cuts both in the coalition government and at the County Council.

If elected, I will continue to argue for repairs and do everything I can to prioritise fixing the pavements. I will also vote against all budgets that cut funds for repairs, and support Labour’s plan for a new £11m pavements repair fund.

Can we reduce traffic congestion in Trumpington?

When I’m out canvassing with other members of the Trumpington Labour team I often hear complaints about traffic congestion in Trumpington, and we are determined to do something to reduce tailbacks and improve circulation – getting cars moving is good for air quality, good for residents and good for Cambridge.

One source of the queues on Trumpington High Street is cars trying to turn right into Waitrose, and the lack of a pedestrian crossing also makes it dangerous for those on foot.

We are considering proposals for action here, including better enforcement, turning restrictions and clearer road markings – but we’d like to hear from you.

No solution is easy, but together can come up with a plan. Please get in touch with your views, whether you’re trying to walk to school or work, need to drive in or out of Cambridge, or just want to ensure that the Trumpington air is breathable!

Campaigning for Trumpington

Today we were out and about in Trumpington talking to local people about the issues that really matter to them – local, national and even international.Not even the rain and the hailstorms could dampen our enthusiasm.. though our papers did get pretty damp! It was also good to see charging points outside some of the new houses.