Noisy roadworks a matter of concern

Resurfacing notice
Resurfacing notice

Over the last two weeks the road surface on Long Road, near where I live, has been resurfaced. The work needed to be done, and it’s made the road a lot nicer to cycle and drive on.

However in our regular canvassing sessions this weekend we talked to a number of local residents who had several disturbed nights because of the noise of machinery, including angle grinders.

It’s always difficult to balance the interests of different groups, and it’s clear that doing the bulk of the roadworks overnight when there’s little traffic makes sense. However as an architect I know how to design a schedule to minimise disruption to everyone involved – and I wonder if a more thoughtful plan for the noisy works might have been put in place.

If elected, one of the things I will bring to my role as a County Councillor is an awareness of such issues, based on thirty years as a practising architect.