Celebrating Diverse Cambridge..

On Saturday 21st January, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the USA, Cambridge Stand Up to Racism held a well-attended rally celebrating diverse, multicultural Cambridge, and standing up against racism, supported by a wide range of organisations. Daniel Zeichner, MP, was one of the speakers.

I couldn’t be there, because I was on the Women’s March in London, but my husband went to show our support for this important cause. Now, more than ever, we need to stand up and show that Cambridge is a city of refuge, a welcoming city, and a place where people can be safe.

(at the end it looked like we had support from the cast of The Archers, but that was just the way the banner was folded!)

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A busy day canvassing in Trumpington ward

Katie canvassing
Katie canvassing

Labour colleagues and I spent a busy afternoon walking around the new estates off Addebroooke’s Road hearing people’s concerns about their neighbourhoods. Some are worried that cars go too fast and don’t respect traffic lights, others are unhappy that rubbish from new developments is not being cleaned up fast enough, and is blowing around the streets – and we heard from some people who have slow access to the internet.  All these are issues the Labour campaign team will take forward.

Katie canvassing
Katie canvassing


A campaign selfie…

A group of us spent this morning canvassing some of the newly built areas in Trumpington and despite the rain it was a fun day and we learned a lot about the issues concerning local people, especially around traffic flows and broadband access.

Campaigning in Trumpington
Campaigning in Trumpington

I’ll be out again tomorrow afternoon – come rain or shine. But let’s hope it’s sunny!


Truth for Giulio campaign

Today in Cambridge the local Amnesty International group held a demonstration in support of the Truth for Giulio campaign.

Daniel Zeichner campaigning in Cambridge
Daniel Zeichner campaigning in Cambridge

Guilio Regeni disappeared on 25 January in Cairo, where he was researching independent trade unions for his PhD in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge.

On 3 February his body was found, bearing signs of severe torture which human rights groups say are the hallmarks of the Egyptian security forces.

It’s important that we discover what happened.

Campaigning on Sunday

A bright, canvassing, Katie
A bright, canvassing, Katie

Every fortnight a Labour team spends some of Sunday afternoon in Trumpington Ward knocking on doors and asking people about local issues that concern them, so we can refer matters to our council team where they can help, or at least find out more about problems that people face.

Traffic congestion, graffiti and broken pavements were all issues raised last Sunday when we visited Bishop’s Road, and I’ve already been in touch with councillors and officers to see what can be done to help.

We’ll be back again on Sunday 11th – and if the weather is as cold as it was last weekend I’ll be wearing my bright orange jacket, so you should spot me from a long way away – do come and say hello!

Bus route plan ‘cuts off’ Homerton College

Universal bus logo
Universal bus logo

I’ve been hearing and reading about the students and faculty members at Homerton College on Hills Road being ‘cut off’ by a proposed re-routing of the Uni4 bus route.

Buses are the primary public transport service in Cambridge and vital for people with any mobility problems so it’s important that Cambridge University hears that this is a bad decision!

You can read more about it here

and here:


I have signed a petition set up by a student.  Will you sign it too? Check it out here:


Hearing from Trumpington Residents

Katie on the doorstep
Katie on the doorstep

I’ve just come back from a busy Sunday afternoon in Trumpington Meadows and along Shelford Road, as one of  a team of Labour volunteers aiming to talk to as many people as we could about the issues that matter to them.

You may have come home to find that we’ve left a leaflet at your house, and I hope you’ll get in touch to tell me about the things that concern you.

The local Labour team
The local Labour team

We heard people’s concerns about the quality of the new houses built at Trumpington, about the increased congestion on the roads making it harder for local residents to get around, and about the importance of reflecting global concerns about climate change in local policy – something that is very dear to my heart.  Already the Labour team have passed these messages on to local councillors, and we’ll press them for answers.

Katie canvassing
Katie canvassing

We’ll be visiting every house in Trumpington ward between now and the election on May 4 2017, and I look forward to meeting and listening to many more people.


Save Our Books: campaigning at the Central Library

Katie Thornburrow with Daniel Zeichner MP at Cambridge Central Library
Katie Thornburrow with Daniel Zeichner MP at Cambridge Central Library

I was pleased to join our MP Daniel Zeichner and many others today as part of the ‘Save Our Books’ campaign, responding to a  planned £325,000 cut to funding for books at libraries across Cambridgeshire.

The ‘Save Our Books’ campaign has gained more than 1,000 signatures on an online petition calling for Cambridgeshire County Council to change its plan. You can find out more and sign the petition at Daniel’s website.


I’m a prospective candidate!!

I am so pleased to be writing this as the prospective county council candidate for the May 2017 elections.

I have been campaigning for social justice my whole life and have voted for the Labour Party since I could vote in 1980.  I have been watching the current and last governments severely cut local funding and strip away the hopes of many members of our community to have a decent life, and that has prompted me to step forward and seek election as a Councillor.

Over the years I have watched Cambridge grow into a centre of research and technology and attract multinational investment in a way that has greatly helped local businesses but has also created enormous pressure, not least because it has made buying an average house being beyond the most hard working and ambitious young person.  This is now a serious problem for key workers.

Now I want to help the people of Trumpington Ward be heard.


Greenways: Cycle routes into Cambridge

I’ve spent this weekend reading the ‘Greenways’ report from the County Council – find it on their website – about cycle routes into Cambridge and how they could be improved.

According to the report, a ‘greenway’ is ‘an attractive, linear corridor segregated from traffic or on quiet roads for use by those travelling on foot, by cycle or, where feasible, by horse’ – so a bridleway for the modern world!

I’m very fortunate as I can get from most of the way from my home into the centre of the City along the guided busway to the railway station, and now that the building works there are nearing completion it’s a good way to avoid traffic and junctions – but many aren’t as fortunate.

The goal seems admirable – building a network of routes around Cambridge to encourage cycling, and the report looks at routes that exists already but need improvement, or which are incomplete.

The next stage will involve consultation with landowners, and I know from my work as an architect that it’s vital to begin as early as possible and to listen carefully to concerns so they can be properly addressed. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this proposal, as it could be very important for reducing traffic and also making more areas around Cambridge liveable for those who can’t afford high rents closer to the centre.