Campaigning on Sunday

A bright, canvassing, Katie
A bright, canvassing, Katie

Every fortnight a Labour team spends some of Sunday afternoon in Trumpington Ward knocking on doors and asking people about local issues that concern them, so we can refer matters to our council team where they can help, or at least find out more about problems that people face.

Traffic congestion, graffiti and broken pavements were all issues raised last Sunday when we visited Bishop’s Road, and I’ve already been in touch with councillors and officers to see what can be done to help.

We’ll be back again on Sunday 11th – and if the weather is as cold as it was last weekend I’ll be wearing my bright orange jacket, so you should spot me from a long way away – do come and say hello!

Bus route plan ‘cuts off’ Homerton College

Universal bus logo
Universal bus logo

I’ve been hearing and reading about the students and faculty members at Homerton College on Hills Road being ‘cut off’ by a proposed re-routing of the Uni4 bus route.

Buses are the primary public transport service in Cambridge and vital for people with any mobility problems so it’s important that Cambridge University hears that this is a bad decision!

You can read more about it here…/20…/10/06/homerton-cut-off-society-81100

and here:…/better-connected-the-new-university-…

I have signed a petition set up by a student.  Will you sign it too? Check it out here:…